What to do to Make Money

Making money was never easy. But we want to make money to live better. We can make money doing any job. We can increase our earning of money by investing our money. Yes, investment is the only way to multiply your money. Because, money and only money can make money.

Where should you invest your money?

You can invest your money in Banks.
If you invest your money through banks, they will give you profit at best 7% to 12% per year. That means, if you invest $100,000 in bank you will get $110,000 at the end of year.

You can start your own business.

From your business, if you get 2% gross profit per month after investment of $100,000, your profit at the end of the year will be 24%, and your capital will be $124,000.

Now, see the statistics of money making factory. According to the statistics of October 4, 2011; the top 5 traders of eToro gain profits as seen below.
top 5 traders of eToro gain profits as seen below
6 Month Gain

Suppose, the user 'baba1961' invested $100,000 ; he gains 376% in 6 months , i.e. 756% per year. Then the yearly gross profit of  'baba1961' with eToro stands at $756,000 and total capital at $856,000.

That is why eToro is called the "Money Making Factory".

Invest your money in this "Money Making Factory"

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